Be Kind to Yourself

I think it may be time to stop the constant interior monologue. To just try to be in the moment and enjoy life for what it is. Someone recently reminded me that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but in actuality, no one’s life is perfect. Like Christian Slater says in the movie Heathers– ‘Everyone’s life’s got static.’ I’ve been in this frame of mind recently of stopping the need for perfection and just accepting myself as I am. If you’re someone who’s more of a homebody, who enjoys taking naps and watching movies, then who cares really? It’s your life.

You can’t be on all the time. You can’t be moving forward and progressing every minute of every day. When the day comes that you feel more social, you’ll reach out more to others. If what makes you happy is reading, relaxing and going online and looking up stuff like committing random acts of kindness, then that’s your thing. You can’t enjoy living if you’re constantly worrying that you’re somehow not good enough. By who’s definition? Sometimes you need to just let go and let God. Sometimes you have to see yourself as good enough, and love yourself as you are. It’s worth it just for the mental break. It’s worth it just to silence the inner critic for a while. While we’re busy complaining about ourselves, We’re missing out on beauty in life, on fun and simplicity, and most importantly, on the present moment.

It doesn’t serve anyone at all to project into the future. It’s one thing to imagine yourself in an ideal way and work towards your dreams. It’s another thing to beat yourself up over every little perceived fault. We tend to forget that it’s OK to be human. It’s OK to be tired after a long day. It’s OK to be in a bad mood sometimes and know that it will pass. It’s OK to feel that you need to work on yourself, but all the work doesn’t need to be done instantly or all at once.

There are so many other more productive things that can be done with your time. You can see how you can help or serve others, improve their lives, give back some of the gifts you have been blessed with and share them, whether its time, money, words, art, whatever. Trying to be perfect is exhausting. Helping other people and not being self-obsessed is rewarding.

I found the following list online and kept it as my daily to-do list. i can’t remember which website it came from-

·Connect – develop interpersonal relationships.

·Be active – sports, gardening, walking, dancing, etc.

·Be curious – notice the beauty of everyday moments as well as the unusual.

·Learn – the challenge and satisfaction bring joy and confidence.

·Give – helping friends and strangers links your wellness to a larger community.


November 13, 2012. writing.

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