Dream big and go for it!

In October of 2010, I got a chance to meet a photographer named Karen Fuchs at the Jersey City artists open studio tours.

She lived in a lovely, minimalist, mostly white artist’s loft that is like something out of a dream. I spoke to her briefly about her experience living abroad which was mentioned in her artist biography. I would love to be able to say I lived in 4 different countries across 3 continents as she had. I commented this to my boyfriend and he told Karen what I said. She looked at me and said ‘Dream big and go for it. it doesn’t have to be expensive.’ I asked where her favorite place to live was. Out of London, Germany, Bangladesh and New York, she said she would choose London if the weather was more agreeable.

As we were speaking, I had a very strong sense of de ja vu, especially when she was mentioning how many completely different cultures exist throughout Europe in close proximity. And how you can travel for just one hour and enter into a whole new culture and way of life. Her apartment was silent and serene and completely dreamy.. everything white, soft and quiet -the couches, the bed, the walls , the rugs, etc. It was like some heavenly space that I could never imagine myself ever having. And her life was like some dream life I could never imagine living.

We am limited only by ourselves and our fear of change. There is really no reason for me not to dream big and go for it, or just drop everything you have done so far in life and start over in some completely new and fresh direction. Everything we see and experience and the people we meet seem to point this out to us all the time, and we just keep holding out for another day, then week, then month. And it’s all at the expense of what we really and truly want and dream for ourselves.

This is an excerpt from a blog- missminimalist.com which sums up these ideas:

‘The best way I can describe it is with a line from an old Chinese poem: “To drift like clouds and flow like water.”

‘I want to live my “real life” the same way. Sometimes I think there’s much too much emphasis on setting goals and planning futures and reaching milestones. Why not simply enjoy life, instead of creating additional stress? I’m not against having aspirations; but to be honest, I don’t want to schedule my life on my iPod, download productivity apps, or attend virtual workshops on how to be successful at x, y, or z. And I certainly don’t want to create a five-year plan and mark my progress each step along the way.

Instead, I’d like to approach life the same way I approach travel—simply taking each day as it comes. I want to be surprised and delighted by what transpires, rather than ticking off a series of planned events. Mostly, however, I want the freedom to “wander” without the burden of possessions and responsibilities. That’s primarily my motivation for living a minimalist lifestyle; by keeping my “baggage” and “itinerary” as light as possible, I hope “to drift like clouds and flow like water” each day of my life.’

Enjoy Karen Fuch’s photography and find out more about her at: http://www.karenfuchs.com/


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