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“What to Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation” by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

Every girl wants to be noticed and look stylishly put together, whether her style is subtle, creative, conservative, funky, bohemian, classic or all of the above. Dressing for daily life can be challenging, and we all want to be dressed appropriately for the mood, season, time of day, and activity while also remaining comfortable and confident. With all the clothes and accessories there are to choose from, it’s great to have some advice and insight in one neat and compact little book.

“What to Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation” is an interesting and fun look into the stylish ideas of authors Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. Kerr and Power are former magazine editors and creators of the popular and fabulous whowhatwear.com fashion blog. “What to Wear, Where” is the duo’s second fashion book and it does not disappoint, providing ideas for how to put together a look for just about every occasion. Expected occasions such as job interviews, first dates, and weddings are covered along with not so common (but immensely helpful!) ones like cold weather, luncheons, art gallery events, family reunions, what to wear in the rain, and road trip/traveling.

The table of contents lists all events that a girl needs to create an outfit for. Each section has a short description of what the event entails and the kind of look you should create- sometimes including helpful beauty tips for hair and makeup so that the reader is fully prepared to style herself. The authors are pictured in their chosen outfits for the event and the outfits are described in the text.

They also provide more outfit ideas for each event in a side box, which are helpful but may have been clearer as pictures. It can be hard to immediately bring to mind what a ‘raffia wedge’ or ‘chambray shirt’ is, and you may find yourself looking for a glossary or rereading these descriptions to try to picture the look. But otherwise, these ‘more outfit’ ideas are great for exploring new ways to put things together in your current wardrobe that you may not have considered before. You can get inspired to shop your closet this way, instead of always thinking you need to buy a new outfit.

The ladies also provide another side box which contains more clothing options divided by what to ‘go for,’ ‘steer clear’ of and consider as ‘risky business’ which gives a more thorough picture of what the situation calls for and what would be risky to try. I like that they also include hair and makeup tips here. Some of the things to ‘steer clear’ of are common sense, but others are good warnings to take into account. The last four pages of the book contain pictures of Katherine and Hillary’s wardrobe essentials, which is a great guide for anyone looking for basic,versatile pieces to use as a foundation for a stylish wardrobe.

If you fall in love with a particular piece you see in the book, you can quickly refer to the outfit index in the back. It lists the brand names of each outfit worn by the authors, broken down by event.

The overall vibe of “What to Wear, Where” is upbeat and light, and will have you reconsidering your wardrobe pieces to create looks that are uniquely you. With this book, you can feel confident in making a statement about your personality through what you wear, and have fun with it too! Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power are like those girlfriends you can count on for honest advice about how to look your best every day and night, no matter where your life takes you. Don’t be afraid to follow the authors’ leads and take the fun approach to fashion!


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