“Solitude is a Victory” -Karl Lagerfeld

The documentary about Karl Lagerfeld’s life, ‘Lagerfeld Confidential’ is very interesting. In his own guarded way, he answers the film maker’s questions and gives a look into the fashion world, while somehow not keeping the focus on himself. His philosophies run deep, and you should really watch the film to catch them all as they are rather profound. I admire how detached he is. He doesn’t dwell too much on life or on himself, possessions, or on relationships because he prefers to live a fantasy life that isn’t mired in reality. It’s almost like he thinks reality is overrated. And isn’t it, in a way? Aren’t dreams better?

When asked how he feels about death, he says that maybe death is an awakening from the dream that is life. And why worry about the afterlife, when there are billions of people who have died before ever learning about religion. How can they possibly be damned to hell if they have never even learned that word? Yeah, pretty heavy for a film you think it going to be about fashion! He is a deep man, and though intimidating, doesn’t seem to believe in his own hype. He never studied and is humble enough to see how lucky he is to have built and organized a life that suits him without too much effort. Stories about his parents and upbringing are very interesting as well though we don’t get to learn how he got his start in fashion or how he became so successful and an icon in his industry.

He is very straightforward and honest and that is refreshing. Maybe it comes from being 75 years old and having spent that life in a creative field. He talks about how he needs time to be alone sometimes, and how creative people cannot be around other people all day long and still be creative, and I really related to that thought because it’s the absolute truth. He talks about reading books, and how that’s an activity that you can’t do while you have company. Solitude is important for recharging one’s batteries, as he states, and having solitude is healthy. ‘Solitude is a Victory,’ according to Lagerfeld, and that is just about the best quote I’ve heard in a movie in a long while.

November 13, 2012. Tags: , . fashion, movies.

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