“Time is the Most Valuable Thing”

That quote was taken from this article-
It’s a really great read.

I always think about time, about the minutes and moments that make up our lives, and how important it is not to squander them. When I would get impatient with all the living I wanted to do, my mom used to say to me, ‘Hay mas tiempo que vida.’ which means, ‘there’s more time than there is life to live it.’  She meant that I have more than enough time to do all that I want to in life, to experience it all, and be happy. It’s not always easy to believe. I told myself I should write today. I got out of work early yesterday and made a feeble attempt at writing a poem before I fell asleep. The thing is, being creative calls for a lot of time, unstructured, uninterrupted time, at least for me.

For me to access that creative part of my mind, I need to be relaxed and not rushed, not thinking about the chores I need to do. I guess that’s why Natalie Goldberg, author of ‘Writing Down the Bones’ advises that writers go write in a cafe, away from the dirty dishes. Talk about good advice! I’ve always liked writing in libraries too, I just love and adore quiet and peace in my surroundings, whether I am being creative or not.

The other day my coworker and I were talking about what we would do if we won the lottery. She said she wouldn’t be able to sit at home and do nothing. I said I’d probably do that for a few months or a year, to recover from all the fatigue and suffocation of being a corporate slave since i was 23 years old, and then I would work. But I would do work I love, which is writing. She said I could start my own magazine, but I said I thought more along the lines of self publishing a book, maybe a chapbook (or two) of poetry, and really taking the time to make sure my poems are perfect and sound just the way I’d want them too. Maybe I’d write an e book. I’d still be engaging my mind and therefore, I wouldn’t be bored.

I’d definitely take the time to exercise, since I’d have a lot more energy from not working. and I’d live someplace quiet so i could meditate daily. what a peaceful and happy existence that would be.


November 14, 2012. Tags: , , . writing.

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