Why do you write your blog?

I found this prompt (title of post) on this website- http://mindbump.com/ and I think this is a very interesting question. My motivation in writing my blog would be to connect with others, to feel on some level that maybe someone out there can relate to what I’m feeling. Sometimes it fills the void of not having many friends I can speak to regularly, which is really my own fault. It’s a lot easier to sit at a keyboard and ramble on to a bunch of strangers about this and that. And it also serves as a nice forum for writing, which is something I love to do and hardly ever do enough of. Mostly because I just don’t make the time. I suffer as a result of that.

I let other things get in the way and then by the time I’m free I have no energy to write something, even though I know that writing anything down is an almost-instant mood shifter. Suddenly it reminds me that I’m a unique human being having a unique experience of living, and my thoughts are important, and that processing those thoughts through writing can only be beneficial. Writing pulls you directly into the present moment, much like meditation does. Expressing your own unique point of view is often not encouraged in this society. And that’s why artistic expression in all its forms is so important.

Through music, you can express yourself and create your own little world which is filtered and makes complete sense to you. The same can be done with painting, or sculpting, or altering books, or making movies or crafts, or writing. I think most people have this need, especially if they haven’t been immersed in any sort of creative process since grade school. Producing something creative is rewarding and calming. Much more so than spending a whole evening on television. The older I get, the less I can tolerate television.

I want to be someone more important than just an everyday passive spectator/consumer. So I guess that’s why I write my blog: in part to keep my creative juices flowing, in part to have a record of my thoughts and life experiences, and in part to form connections with people even though I may never meet them. It’s entertaining to pay closer attention to everyday life, and see what I can glean from it to write about here. It’s inspiring to go through life looking for interesting occurrences and insights, and expecting them.


November 14, 2012. Tags: , , , , . writing.

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