“Every day is a miracle”

(The post below was written by hand in my journal on 5/16/2006, ‘Lisa’ was the meditation seminar lecturer)

“Every day is a miracle” – Lisa Wenniger

“You finally found someone perfect- yourself’

-final notes of last meditation song at seminar tonight.

The meditation seminar I went to tonight had little to do with fate and free will. But I still had some insights and  that delicious energy rise, so I’m glad I went. Lisa said something about people who have had near-death experiences that really stayed in my mind and calmed me. She said that people who have had these experiences always come back from it knowing that life is truly a gift in the form that we have it, and they come back losing all their anxiety about dying because they become comfortable with the idea and have no more fear about it.

They know it is just a process and don’t fear it happening. I have been suffering from this awful anxiety about dying and the fear that I am temporary and one day I will not exist, but that’s not even true. We are all eternal and will all live forever, we can live again on other planes of existence. And hearing her say it eased my anxiety over the whereabouts of my loved ones who have passed on because I know they continue to exist somewhere in some form. And I thought about the picture of my grandparents that I was looking at on mother’s day at my mother’s house.

I looked at my grandparents who were once breathing, alive, present, conscious. Tonight I thought about that photograph again and felt more peaceful with the idea. Knowing that they are fine and happy, and being aware of that settled onto me and made me feel better. I know they are still in existence. I know they were not fearful at their moment of death. I know my own death is not something to be feared. It is something fated. It is something I chose for myself.

Lisa asked everyone in attendance if they have had a miracle happen to them as a result of meditating daily. Some people raised their hands. I myself feel like I’ve had 2 miracles, one much bigger than the other. After asking the question, Lisa asked herself, “Have I had any miracles?” She smiled to herself as she thought. She answered herself by saying “Every day is a miracle.”

I think everyone aspires to get to the point within themselves where that is true for them, even though they may not want to work on getting there. Even if they might not be aware that such an attitude and state of mind is even possible. It seems most people have some sort of inkling, but are ultimately just not ready to give themselves over to that level of bliss.

It can be scary sometimes to feel like you are leaving your body during a deep meditation. I always fear that somehow I’ll forget how to breathe and my soul will escape my body before its time. But with daily meditation comes peace in my heart, serenity in my mind, and my emotions in check. I’m not a slave to my mental addictions. I can choose to step back, to stop before I beat myself up or put myself down over absolutely nothing. I can have a sense of the bigger picture and put a new plan into motion.


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