A Journal Writing Journey

I started keeping a journal as a child because I received them as gifts for Christmas, and it just seemed like a necessary thing. I documented stupid junior high crushes and compliments people gave me. When I was a teenager, I kept scattered journals, scrawling on the nearest piece of paper. They would be rants mostly, written in anger and frustration.

As a teen, I was also writing a lot of poetry. Love poetry- trying to create the life I wanted so desperately through fantasy. I would take those ‘often misspelled’ word lists in the back of my planner, and use one of the words (as a prompt) to inspire a poem. I chose the words at random and wrote the first images that came to mind from the word. I would do this every day in English class, while I sat by the window.

I have various scraps of paper with thoughts, rantings, poems and the like. In college I had a small journal I would carry around in my back pack. I’d write before classes and at other free moments. I started using this portable, paper journal after a failed attempt to journal on the computer. I keep only one main journal for everything but a separate journal for finished poems that I’m satisfied with. Occasionally, I’ll write poetry in my regular journal, just first drafts if I’m so inspired.

My favorite journaling tools have become colorful gel pens, stickers,  and my new favorite black pens- Bic Exact-tip Roller with cushion grip. It’s nice to incorporate small photos where appropriate, or cut-out quotes. I dislike a bulky journal, so I wouldn’t go so far as photographs.

Just handwriting is very pleasing to my eye. I wish I was capable of drawing/sketching because it looks like a lot of fun and a good release. Self-expression is important and essential. You can’t carry around all that inner turmoil all the time.


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