Impressions of “Wild Mind” by Natalie Goldberg

I’ve been reading the book “Wild Mind” by Natalie Goldberg. I wish I could write like her. She has a way of being so present in her writing, so attuned to the details and always seems at one with everything. I had her book with me on the train this morning and it was a good thing. There were severe thunderstorms going on this morning and all the trains were delayed. I was glad in a way and not frustrated like most of the other passengers because the last place I wanted to go was work. I wanted to sit and read and live inside this great book forever.

There are few things a person can read that can inspire them so much that they begin to see the world around them with new eyes. I would look up from the pages of the book at the people surrounding me to see what details I could grab on to, find meaning in, commit to memory, and then explore later in writing. But right now I can’t recall what I saw. Making money from writing novels or essays or short stories must be so amazing. Writing in those genres must be so much fun if it just comes naturally.

Natalie Goldberg is a writer but with another dimension to her since she does so much writing practice and Zen meditation. She is at one with everything- experiencing oneness with nature, with the pavement she walks on, with the sun and the clouds and the wind. She is utterly aware at all times and that is what people should strive to be: always living in the present moment, vibrant and awake.

Natalie has a passion for writing that fuels my own because her words are so eloquent and inviting. They make you long to create the kinds of vivid pictures that she’s able to with her figurative language. She has this flowing prose that makes me dream that I could earn my living doing nothing more than going to cafes, restaurants, parks or libraries all day long everyday just to write. That would probably be among the most ideal existences.

I remember just wanting to sit in the subway car this morning reading and reading and never wanting the book to come to an end. I love it when something out of the ordinary happens in everyday life. It wakes you up and forces you to pay attention and see things a bit differently.

The air felt so heavy today and I felt exhausted, but reading Natalie’s words kept something wonderful humming inside my heart all day long. Maybe the knowing that I have a similar creative urge to write as she does, and that once I get down to it I feel that high that you get once your thoughts start to fly and everything you’re holding tightly inside can finally come out. You can finally breathe a bit more deeply.


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  1. Cassie replied:

    Have you read Writing Down the Bones because it’s FANTASTIC! She seriously does give the best advice on writing!

  2. ksocorro replied:

    Yes, I love Writing Down the Bones!! I’ve read it a bunch of times and refer back to it very often. It’s so inspiring! 🙂

  3. Zezee replied:

    Great review! I think I will check out Wild Mind. I just finished Writing Down the Bones and it was great. Very inspiring.

  4. Finding Inspiration in “Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within” by Natalie Goldberg « Zezee's Link replied:

    […] Impressions of “Wild Mind” by Natalie Goldberg ( […]

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