My Waking Dream

Prompt: Have waking daydreams. Begin with “I am” and write in the present tense. Just let it roll out of you without thinking. Your job as a writer is just to live it through your writing. Dream writing is good practice in losing control.
-Natalie Goldberg

(My response to the waking dream prompt- handwritten on 12/14/04)

I am walking down a street in London, wearing a gray trench coat over a tan colored dress. It’s night and it’s a little cold- but the kind of cold that invigorates and makes your bones shiver beneath your skin. The air is slightly damp with fog and it’s misty- making my face appear dewy, like I’m glowing from the inside. I’m walking along with my hands in my pockets, breathing in the cool air and feeling grateful to be fresh and alive.

When I get near the river, I take off my coat and dive into it. There are only a few passers-by as it is late at night and no one seems to notice me at all. I emerge from cool ocean and laugh at myself, at my audacity, at my unwillingness to care. I feel free and happy. I look up at the sky through squinted eyes because the stars are shining so bright. And my mind is brought sharply into focus. I inhale a sweet breath and laugh again and splash.

I climb out of the water, pick up my coat and walk again back into the night. Nowhere to be, no one to call, no one to answer to, no one to control or shackle me. I am free and choose whichever way I want to go. No job, no responsibilities, just my own self and those parts of myself I choose to leave behind and ignore. No longer serious and responsible, but fun and carefree and unabashedly wild.

I walk by a tall, gorgeous man who smiles at me shyly and asks for my name. he gives me his, says it’s a pleasure to meet me, and goes on his way. I run back to my room for a hot shower. I am forever young, free, beautiful, and free of all worry.


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