What is Wealth?

Prompt: What is Wealth?

My response:

Being wealthy to me means having enough of what you need to survive. Not having to worry or struggle to live paycheck to paycheck. Wealth is having personal freedom. It means fully cultivating one’s interests and making time for those interests. Wealth is having time to enrich your life and make it full.

A person who is homeless or works their way from place to place can be wealthier than the richest man in the world. Wealth means personal satisfaction, a sense and spirit of gratitude, and the knowledge that you have become a good person. Wealth is fulfilling your potential, exceeding your expectations, and enjoying what you have without taking it for granted.


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  1. hikjam replied:

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  2. jumeirajames replied:

    To me, wealth is ‘freedom from fear’. I spent most of my life, like most people, only 4 weeks away from living on the streets. Because I was deep in debt.

    Once I realised my family could be turfed out of our home, cars repossessed, etc it instilled a very deep fear in me.

    Yes, I agree that a rolling stone can be happier than Warren Buffet but if you have a family, if you are the breadwinner, then money is a great buffer against the vicissitudes of life.

    I worked and saved until now I could live for the rest of my life on my investments and that money will go to those who follow. A great contentment and happiness can be drawn from that.

    ps – I also write, paint and enjoy everything around me

  3. What are we doing with our wealth? « master of life in earth, sky and sea replied:

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  4. pastorross12 replied:

    I like Brian Houston’s attitude to wealth. He speaks about money as having potential. He speaks about thinking beyond simply wanting enough for our own table, enough for our own bills. He speaks of enlarging our thinking and to begin to think about other people and what we can do to make a difference in their lives and in the world with our wealth. Not just enough for us but more than enough to overflow into the lives of others in a positive way.

  5. ksocorro replied:

    @ pastorross12, I love that idea of enlarging our thinking to helping others and affecting the world with wealth, and putting it to such a great use. I would love to do this and it angers me when I hear about celebrities who have massive monetary wealth and don’t seem to do anything meaningful with it.

    @jumeirajames, I absolutely agree that wealth can mean ‘freedom from fear.’ I’m big on saving as security and I don’t think that will ever change. I hate debt too, and have always strived to have none by not living above my means and paying off student loans, etc. You seem to have a great balance between working and saving and enjoying yourself too. That’s wonderful! 🙂

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