Heightened Awareness

It always amazes me how childlike and innocent I feel after a meditation class. Even when it’s hard to meditate, the world is altered when I step out the door. The colors are more vivid and the air more sharp, as if someone removed a veil. I guess it’s the veil of thought that gets lifted when you meditate.

It’s weird how much of the world is obscured when you don’t. But with meditation, it just seems that you become more fully present with every moment. It all seems so immediate and wondrous. It’s almost like you become dumbfounded- aware of the air that you’re breathing, of the way the breeze shifts and lifts your hair, and how the earth supports your steps.

You get a new pair of eyes to see the same old world in a new light.


December 11, 2012. Tags: , . writing.


  1. Victoria Sawyer replied:

    Cool post! I like how you describe meditation. I actually just wrote a post about meditation too and how it clears your mind when you have racing thoughts. It’s amazing to be able to not think, to be silent. It’s very hard to achieve!

    • ksocorro replied:

      Thank you! I love meditation too and I love it when I realize I’ve gone for like 20 minutes without having a single thought. It’s great. And was definitely difficult for me when I first starte. It was so hard to even sit still that first time. I’ll be sure to check out your meditation post too 🙂

      • Victoria Sawyer replied:

        Wow, 20 minutes! That’s awesome. I definitely don’t practice enough cause I’ve only been able to shut off these racing, crazy thoughts for a few minutes or seconds at a time. But when I do…whoaaaa..it’s so cool. And peaceful and you just feel better afterward. I think you’re a good influence on me..I need to get back into it. I miss it!

  2. ksocorro replied:

    yeah it’s one of those things where the effect is cumulative over time, I also have to remember to do it daily (or in my case) nightly. 🙂

  3. Created ~ Create.it replied:

    How long have you been meditating? I’ve recently started and some days I can completely zone out the world while on others everything invades my thoughts! Will there come a time when I can completely shut out everything while meditating and how far away is this time?!! 🙂

  4. ksocorro replied:

    I’ve been meditating for abour 8 or 9 years, sometimes more consistently than others. It really just takes practice. Doing it daily definitely helps, just commit to it and you should feel a real difference in your mental state after about 3 weeks. I meditate usually for 20-30 minutes at a time.

    Trying to meditate too long when you start out is too difficult, so make sure you stay with something simpler like 20-30 minutes daily. Or 20-30 minutes at two separate times of the day, like once in morning, once in the evening if you want. The more you practice, the faster you find that you fall into it and eliminate most thoughts. Enjoy it!

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