Orange Sun

(Entry below was handwritten on 2/26/02)

The sun hung so low and orange in the sky behind Battery Park, just above the water. As I glanced back at the sun off to my right, each time the colors seemed to get deeper, and more and more different hues emerged. On one glance I noticed that all behind the sun, the sky was a hot pink. If only I could have taken a picture. In my ideal life I think I’d live to see the sunset and sunrise every day and capture it in words and pictures.

I looked ahead at the commuters standing in line for the bus, breathing in the fumes. I thought how unfortunate human beings are. They generally don’t take note of nature, they think about daily work and family stresses instead of sensing what it really is to be alive. If I had my way, I’d walk across the park to the edge of the water to stare at the sunset in the distance. I had an urge to get closer to it, breathe it all in.

The weather was spring-like today, almost 60 degrees, and the air smelled like summer. Like blades of grass and warm breeze and insects. The summer smell that takes you right back to being a child, innocently taking the world on anew.


December 12, 2012. Tags: , . writing.

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