Falling Into a Memory

(Entry below was hand written on 10/30/2002. It’s strange how seeing someone randomly from your past can bring up a very old memory of them)

I saw her the other night, working in Starbucks. She was the girl in my junior high school and high school that all the girls wanted to be like or be friends with because she was always stylish, pretty, and delicate. I wanted to be like her or be her friend too, but we just never were friends.

At Starbucks, just like the last time I ran into her, she had to throw her love life into our conversation while we briefly talked about our lives now and what we’ve been doing. She spoke so fast it was hard to get everything, but she said she had been working in the city for a while, writing for a magazine. But she had been laid off after September 11th.

Then she mentioned she was going to move to Chile where some of her family lives, and she’s planning to teach there. She said “Don’t worry about it” when I was about to pay for my order, which I thought was nice.

She still has perfectly straight, light, rust-colored hair that’s kind of long, and green eyes. She asked me if Dr. P was my doctor. When I said yes, she said she had seen my name on a list of new patients, and that she was dating the doctor’s son.

I remember when she and I were 13 and in eighth grade together, at a sleepover at our friend’s house. We were the only two girls at the party who stayed up all night, didn’t sleep, but stayed up playing cards all night. It was kind of strange because we were playing cards in the dark and trying to stay quiet so that we wouldn’t wake anyone up.

I don’t remember what game we played but I remember we were betting on and exchanging pennies, and I guess the person with the most pennies at the end would be the one who played the game the best. I think there had been other players, but they decided to go to sleep. She and I weren’t sleepy so we just decided to keep playing. I remember thinking maybe she thought I was cool and we could be friends, and I was nervous, thinking that I better not say or do anything that she might think was weird. It was actually really fun and it was probably the only time up until then that I felt really popular or cool.

Sometimes she wouldn’t be able to hear me when I said how many pennies I wanted to wager, so she would lean in and peer at me. I thought she looked kind of sleepy but we played on regardless.


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