Heart of Glass

(Entry below was handwritten on 10/18/2002)

Why do I feel like I should’ve come of age in the 70s? I should’ve had my time back then in the punk era- watching The Ramones, Television, and Blondie play at CBGB’s every weekend. I feel so drawn to that time period that it seems like that’s when I should have existed in my young adulthood.

No matter how much I read about that punk rock scene and its myriad of colorful and interesting characters, I know it can’t possibly compare to what it must have felt like to be there, among them all, in the middle of a movement. Something alive and exciting and fresh, something surreal, an adventure.

I think what I admire most about that time is everyone’s desire to express themselves fully- creatively, musically, and artistically. No one held anything back. They just lived. They were free. And nothing else mattered but surviving, singing, making love, and making art. People in that 70s punk rock scene had their priorities straight: have fun while you are young, live in the moment and don’t pay any mind to what anyone in the world or society expects you to be.

Things seemed so much simpler then. No mass consumption,  no email, no cell phones, no computers. Just life, pure and real, bright and vibrant. What was before everyone’s eyes was just the natural world- not technology, not pretense.

A couple of good reads:

Making Tracks: The Rise Of Blondie by Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Victor Bockris

Blondie: Unseen 1976-1980 by Roberta Bayley

Deborah Harry: Platinum Blonde by Cathay Che


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