Interning at US Weekly (Part 2)

(Entry below is a continuation of the entry that was hand written on 12/25/2002)

For some reason Monday, people kept talking to me or introducing themselves to me without me really being any different than I normally am. The freelance writer sitting next to me all of a sudden started chatting with me about writing, Christmas shopping and asking me about myself. I found what he spoke about so fascinating and I realized that I really love to hear people talk about what they write, where and how and why they like to do it.

It’s really nice to work with people who have the same love of writing that I do. It’s like finding kindred spirits. I was having fun listening to him talk about how he likes to freewrite during his long commute to work. And I totally understood what he meant by his words, movements and subtle gestures when describing the cathartic release of freewriting.

Some other guy also came up to talk to another guy named Dan who was sitting on the other side of me. He said “Hi, are you a new intern?” and I said “Yeah, Karen” at the same time that he asked for my name, so I had to repeat myself. He said his name was Andrew and he pointed to other guys around me saying “That’s Dan, Dan, and Mike” and I already knew two of the three. He told them, “Be nice to Karen, guys.”

I got to go to an editorial meeting around 5pm, when most people are getting out of work, and these reporters were getting ready to stay working for a better part of the night. I actually got some face time with the editor-in-chief who up until that point had been so elusive and secluded in her huge office. It was strange to be standing there staring at covers and I was told to give my honest opinion when the editor-in-chief asks questions. So we had to vote on which cover would catch someone’s attention most and make them want to buy the issue.

No one paid much serious attention to either mine or another intern’s opinions at all so I wonder why people like me and her are even invited to those meetings. Everyone chose to vote on the exact opposite of what we voted on, even though we voted on different covers. I (silently) had the same opinion as the editor-in-chief on one cover that looked too crowded with heads, but I didn’t voice it because she hadn’t asked for any opinions at that point yet.


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