Do you believe in destiny?

I recently watched ‘Letters to Juliet,’ and it wasn’t much to write home about. Amanda Seyfried is all kinds of gorgeous, (how do people that beautiful even exist?) but that doesn’t make up for what was ultimately a flimsy story. This movie had the scenic vistas and rolling hills of Tuscany going for it. It really makes you want to go to Italy.

Amanda and the man she is supposed to fall for had no chemistry whatsoever and their hating each other when first meeting seemed so cliché to me. I guess that’s why I’m not in the habit of watching romantic comedies. The best and most tender scene had to be when Vanessa Redgrave’s character, Claire, was brushing Sophie’s (Amanda’s character) hair. It was a loving moment and one that was emotional because of the reveal of Sophie having been abandoned by her mother when she was nine years old.

The movie made me realize how much I love writing too. Sophie is a fact checker for a New York magazine in the movie but she really is a writer trying to get her start in publishing. Seeing scenes of her writing in a journal in a beautiful outdoor backdrop of Italy filled me with deep envy, and a longing to write.

I thought about how much pleasure I take in writing and in thinking of myself as a writer. I wondered why I tend to let other things get in the way of that simple act, even though I know that writing is what I most love to do, and what I would do (even more so) if I didn’t have to work for a living. For someone to actually pay me for my writing would be like a dream come true, and wouldn’t seem like a job at all.

Writing is just fun, it’s what I’ve always loved, it’s what I’ve always done and always will do. And maybe it won’t make me rich, but writing itself, getting lost in it, is its own reward.

At the end of ‘Letters to Juliet,’ Sophie takes a story she wrote about the adventure of helping Claire find her long-lost love in Italy to her editor/boss in New York, and it gets published by the magazine. I may have to watch this movie again simply for the inspiration it gave me to keep writing, or I should say, go back to writing on a more regular basis.

Maybe I’ll listen to the director’s and Amanda’s audio commentary track to see if they have any writing tidbits in there, or more information about the lovely locations where shooting took place. It must be amazing to be a young actress and get to travel to these exotic locations to shoot movies with beautiful people and spend entire days outdoors in a lush countryside. Too bad the script wasn’t as poetic as the locale.

There’s a scene towards the beginning of the movie where Sophie’s fiance tells her that she must write because that is her passion. I thought, yeah, it’s mine too, so why am I living most of my life as someone I’m not?


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