I’ve been reading a lot lately, some interesting books like Going green;true tales from gleaners, scavengers, and dumpster divers. I’m fascinated by the idea that people can find things in the trash and sell them for a profit. The essays in the book are insightful in their thoughts about american consumerism and waste, and taking things for granted instead of trying to reuse and appreciate what we have and help the environment at the same time.

I’ve also been reading The queen of clean conquers clutter. When I look at my reading habits and the shows I like watching, it seems i should pursue a career in organization of people’s homes, managing their finances, or working for a goodwill shop.

I remember reading once about a guy who worked in a used book store and found all kinds of interesting things in the books that people brought in to sell, like photographs, letters, drawings, notes, bookmarks of all kinds, etc. Some things were really mysterious. I think that was part of the book Found which shows random things that people have found everywhere and every place imaginable. I gave away that book in a Hoboken freecycle exchange and kind of regret it now.

When my parents to had their big moving out sale, they end up making about $200 just from things and samples of stuff discarded and left for the trash where my mom works. She brings me all kinds of pajamas and clothes and socks all the time, and has furnished a whole room for my nephew in her house, just with those cast offs. It’s pretty crazy.

I can totally understand how some people develop shopping addictions. I was having a bad day recently and just buying a new purse was able to make me happy and turn my mood right around. I can see how that could easily get out of hand, so I remain vigilant and responsible in my spending.

It must come from the constant fear of worrying that I may lose my job, and will need to have enough money saved up to carry me through until finding a new one. I also make sure to continually weed out my wardrobe and things to let go of what can be donated to charity.

The next book I ordered from Amazon is Mongo: Adventures in Trash by Ted Botha. ‘Mongo’ is  slang for anything reusable that was thrown out in NYC and recovered by someone else. Looks like it will be an interesting read.


January 1, 2013. Tags: , , , , . books, writing.

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