Outsider Art Fair

(Entry below was hand written on 1/26/2003)

Today I went to an “outsider art fair” with J (a friend) which was held in the Puck building by Houston and Lafayette. It was very interesting and turned out to be really cool and fun. Lots of village, artsy types and people sitting at desks in front of each mini gallery.  One of these girls had a really cute, short plaid dress on (dark red and other colors) and it had long sleeves.

A lot of the art was very amateurish but a lot of it was also really professional looking. “Outsider Art” by definition is art done by people who have never had any formal art training but have felt the drive to create anyway. A lot of the pieces were moving and disturbing, or light and celebratory.

My favorite piece was one that I think was called “evening recollection” or “evening reflection.” It was a painting of two women (one with her back to you) who were wading in a lake at night. It was a light, mystical picture full of soft shades of blue and minimal light. There seemed to be little golden sparks of light surrounding the women. They reminded me of the little fairies in Sleeping Beauty. It was a lovely, tranquil, serene print and I wanted to buy it but I think it was going for like $2,700.

There was an artist  who died in 1973 whose work was on display, and J said that all his work was found after his death- a bunch of very disturbing paintings of angelic blonde children (mostly girls) being choked by men in what looked like battle scenes. Some scenes were just drawings of young girls, but in others they’d be setting fire to tall grass in order to hide from some oncoming threat.

After the fair we went for some mozzarella sticks while a light snow shower was falling. I mentioned I’d wanted to go to this stationary story J had told me about called ‘Kate’s Paperie.’ We were only a few blocks away it turned out, so we decided to go before it closed at six.

We went and looked around a while and I found a pack of 52 cards which described “52 Adventures in New York” so I bought that for $6.95. The store was full of all kinds of stamps, pens, bookmarks, magents, books, journals, etc. It was a really cute place and it was great to finally see it.


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