Walking ‘round Londontown

(Entry below was handwritten on 9/15/2004)

I know I’ve already been to London, but I haven’t really been there. I want to go on my own and explore the stylish town at night. I want to walk in that park with the view of Big Ben, where the London Eye stands by the moonlight and daydream and breathe in the night wind. I want to sit in a café and write about the mysterious strangers around me.

I want to go out to a London bar one warm night and let people wonder who I am. I want to explore the London night without a plan, without a guardian, wearing stylish designer clothes and feeling like someone else- like I’m totally in control and sure of myself.

I want to know what it’s like to really be free. I want to go to London again and spend time in Stratford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born and raised. I want to sit in a London restaurant and listen to the melodies of the British accents surrounding me. I want to discover who I can be while in an unfamiliar place, away from the trappings of my life. I want to imagine that I am the woman I always desired to be.

I want to eat, wear, drink what I want and go any where I feel like going, with no input or judgment from others, no standards to meet but my own. I want to go to London and live life at my own pace, on my own terms.


January 16, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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