Write About a Stranger

Prompt: Write about a stranger.

My Response: (hand written sometime in 2002, entry is undated)

I am strangely fascinated by this man I see on the bus every day. He started riding a few weeks after I started my job. At first, he had a beard and long brown hair, and my first thought (when I spotted him through the window at the bus stop) was that he looked exactly like Jesus. He would get on the bus and immediately pull out this palm pilot and start tapping away. I find myself crazy with curiosity about him.

Recently, he has shaved his beard and his hair seems a little shorter, while still shaggy. His face is very smooth now and today I noticed his mouth has a lot of character and personality all to itself. It reminds me of a celebrity’s mouth, but I can’t remember which celebrity. This man strikes me as a warm person, he has a kind of softness to his eyes and mannerisms, almost like he makes his living putting people at ease.

He’s very thin, but still looks like someone who holds a world of comfort in his arms. He looks like someone who would feel good to hug. It’s strange to think you can assume so much about a stranger. These assumptions make me hope to someday talk with him, or have a friend like him- someone gentle and quiet as I am. I dislike brash, loud people. He is slight and reverent and for some reason I wish I knew him.


January 21, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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