Dizzy Dolls

(Entry below was written on April 29, 2010)

I just got back from a Bust Magazine-sponsored spoken word poetry event held at the Strand bookstore in NYC. I debated back and forth about going since I had no one to go with, but decided to anyway and I’m so glad I did.

Not only did I get to break my routine, introduce some fresh images to my mind and spend a nice spring evening outdoors walking around, I also found out about 4 great female poets who performed tonight. The reading lasted an hour, but it was great and really entertaining. and most importantly reminded me of the power and magic and beauty of poetry- spoken or written.

The poets who performed were Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, (BUST writer and author of Everything is Everything) Patricia Smith (Blood Dazzler), Amber Tamblyn (Bang Ditto) and Rachel McKibbens (Pink Elephant). They were all great, with unique voices, but the overall standout had to be Patricia Smith. She literally had me breathless. What a completely riveting, engrossing, moving performance she did of her work.

The room was filled with people and everyone fell absolutely silent as she spoke, hanging on her every syllable. Listening to her and the raw emotion in her poetry really made me want to cry. She wrung every emotion out of me, and I bought a copy of her book, Blood Dazzler.

This woman is amazing. I cannot stress that enough. She read with this confidence and conviction, a grace and elegance that I have never see anyone display when reading their poetry. I would recommend to anyone to see her read her poetry if you have the opportunity. There are not enough words to describe it.

I made the unfortunate decision of buying a frozen mocha drink before the show started and had to bolt to the bathroom the minute the reading was over, and in so doing I missed out on my chance to buy the poetry collection, Bang Ditto by Amber Tamblyn. Apparently they flew off the shelves and ran out before I had a chance to go back to the cart and grab a copy, and she also ran out of the copies she was signing up at the front desk.

When i finally got up there and grabbed some free copies of Bust Magazine (I love free stuff) I heard someone mention that they spoke to management and they said Amber’s book was all sold out. So me and a couple of other unfortunate people were left to order our copies online , which would of course not be signed by Amber.

I really miss poetry readings and I’m so glad that this one was so inspirational and such a delight. I wish I had the courage to perform poetry the way those women did.

‘Dizzy dolls’ was a phrase that stuck out to me from one of the poems read, I can’t remember which one.


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