The Rachel Zoe Project

Lately, I’ve been getting into that show, The Rachel Zoe Project. Mostly, it’s for the fashion. But it’s also for my fascination of the glamorous lifestyle that she lives. It can get annoying to watch, especially with her overuse and strange annunciation of the word ‘literally.’ But overall, it’s really entertaining. It’s kind of like watching Confessions of a Shopaholic without all that god-awful slapstick comedy.

Rachel Zoe really loves clothes and fashion, and is passionate about it, that you can see right away. She truly found her calling. I became entranced with her jewelry collection, which she sold on an older episode to benefit a charity for ovarian cancer research. Zoe had all kinds of amazing, one of a kind jewelry that was so beautiful, and she had close to 1,000 pieces all together.

There were gold, beaded pieces, every color, every style of bracelet, necklaces, earrings- all designer, and beautiful. She also came out with her own line of clothing, jewelry and handbags. And I bought a couple of those pieces (a handbag and a snake bracelet/cuff) as they echo her style and fashion taste.

Watching that episode about her jewelry was just so nice because it was a reminder of the fun of fashion and the way you can use it to express who you are, or a mood you are in, just for the hell of it. And its fun to think of frivolous things like that sometimes, and take a break from all the big existential questions in life. It inspired me to use my own unique pieces of jewelry in new ways, since I have so many pieces that I sometimes forget that I own.

Fashion is a nice thing to simply admire and imagine and dream about.  I also enjoyed the episode about her trip to Paris fashion week, and seeing her attend the shows of Stella Mccartney, Marc Jabobs, Luis Vuitton, Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld. New episodes (which premiered this past Wednesday night) are forcing me to tune in via itunes, having recently cancelled most of my cable channels.


March 8, 2013. Tags: , , , . fashion, writing.

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