Life is Nothing if you’re not Obsessed

(Entry below was written on April 13, 2006)

It’s so nice to escape into a movie’s fictional world and forget about my own for a while. I finally joined Netflix the other night and got my first movie today. I saw the John Waters movie, ‘Pecker’ which was funny and really entertaining. I have been on this photography kick lately.

I remembered catching part of this movie about this small town photographer on TV one day but I didn’t get to watch the whole movie. I only remembered that it starred Eddie Furlong and Christina Ricci, so I looked up their movie history on the page and finally figured out which movie it was.

John Waters movies are always kind of out there and garish, and that’s what’s interesting about them. They’re not run of the mill, they’re full of strange characters and settings and relationships. Something about this movie is really endearing though. It made me smile.

I like the message it brings across, about art being all around in everyday life, in ordinary things in our surroundings. You can choose to look for beauty and life in the physical world, or choose to see the ordinary and lackluster.

The main character ‘Pecker’ shows his girlfriend this lesson and it’s a really sweet moment in the movie. This film brought me out of my doldrums and reminded me how nourishing creativity and art can be, whether you are creating it or appreciating it. Even if nothing is going on in your personal world.

I wrote another short poem the other night which I’m pretty happy with, but the voice in my mind screaming out for me to hold a pen and write longhand in my journal all those thoughts and observations flying around my head and heart won’t let up at all. When I finally hit that page I don’t think I’ll emerge again for days. I jump from topic to topic- but just in my thoughts, I need to get it all down on paper before I forget what I meant to say.

“Life is nothing if you’re not obsessed” is a quote spoken in the movie by the photographer main character, when he is thanking everyone at a dinner after his first art show in New York City. He thanks his little sister Chrissy for teaching him that lesson about life, since she’s obsessed with candy and sugar throughout the film.


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    agreed, for now 😀

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