Meditation and Happiness

I used to read a particular blog that’s written by a girl a few months older than me. I think it’s been taken down. I related to a lot of what she wrote so her blogs often made me feel better, like I’m wasn’t alone in what I was feeling. She once wrote several posts about going through a breakup. She wrote this story about going rock climbing while on a camping trip.

At one point she thought she might fall a great distance and possibly die if she did not hold herself up the right way. For a couple of seconds or minutes, it was only thoughts of survival in her mind. And she was grateful not to be thinking of another person, or about how she felt. It was just the immediate present moment that mattered.

It made me think about how that is in meditation. You get this sudden rush of energy that you physically feel rising up inside, and it’s just this sense of complete contentment and peace. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never experienced it. Truly quieting the mind is so elusive and rare and extraordinary.

It carries over into your days. You find yourself suddenly in moments where you’re very calm and happy, your thoughts don’t crowd you or push you down, and you just feel light and hopeful. It’s amazing the range of emotions and moods that a person can go through. The complete opposite of what you’re feeling and experiencing is out there if you seek it out. Sometimes I’m amazed at having 20 straight minutes without a thought in my mind during my day, and it’s not something conscious. It just happens. And the clarity is really rejuvenating.

I wish there was more time. I need more time for everything. I want to straighten up my apartment, write, read when I’m not feeling tired, meditate, and write, write, write. Through writing is how I get through to the person I really am, the person that the world sometimes makes me forget that I am. And that’s the best place to be. Connect with yourself, and the world is yours for the taking..


March 9, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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