Telling all to the Diary

On my way home I heard this girl on the bus say “my life is so fucking random” to someone she was talking to. It struck me as funny because isn’t everyone’s life pretty random? I mean we plan things out and expect them to turn out a certain way, but plans never really go as planned, or something unexpected comes up and throws it all off. It happens in everyone’s life.

Every day I think… I’m way too tired/sad/busy too write today. But writing is the only thing that makes me feel better almost immediately. So I keep doing it. Even if no one is reading, it’s still nice to get my thoughts out and into the world. I took my journal with me to work one day and wrote during my lunch break.

It was nice, just writing outside in the middle of the day and not really feeling so rushed. I did a couple of exercises from this book I was reading at the time, ‘Writing from personal experience’ by Nancy Davidoff Kelton. She mentions how writers write because they can’t not write. It’s so true.

This is a quote I copied to the first page of some of my recent journals:

“Expressing feeling is linked directly with creation. My telling all to the diary helped me in this. In this ability to tap the sources of feeling and imagination lies the secret of abundance. In withdrawing there is danger of sterility or withering. Try to write in your diary to keep that little flame burning. Expand, open, speak, name, describe, exclaim, paint, caricature, dance, jump in your writing. We are here as writers to say everything. Speak for your moods, make your muteness and silence eloquent.”

-Anais Nin
(Journals 1944-1947)


March 12, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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