Day of Leisure

(Entry below was written on December 29, 2005)

Every day should be like this. I woke up from what was possibly the best night’s sleep of my life. Each time I’d turn to switch positions, I ended up perfectly relaxed and stretched. I felt totally rested as if I had slept for a week straight.

I think it was because I had a cathartic phone conversation last night in which I let myself say out loud all those things that I’ve been holding in for a long time, and it just felt good to let myself release that emotion and get it out of me once and for all.

I felt somehow more alive today, and lighter on my feet. I felt my energy returning, which felt so nice after having it long absent. My apartment is now more in order since I finally had some time to straighten it out too.

I started rereading this book I read a few years ago called The Joy of Not Working by Ernie J. Zelinski. It sounds funny but it’s actually really insightful. I didn’t realize all I had forgotten about its messages about life and what’s truly important. And why nothing is served by a person working themselves into the ground day after day.

It is one of those dangerous books that are so convincing that you may find yourself quitting your job because you start to believe that it’s really killing you. But if you’re more rational and afraid of risk, it just wakes you up to the idea that not everything should be taken seriously, and its important to balance out work with fun and not let it take over your life and erase your personality. It gave me a lot of hope and I’m glad I read it again.

The best advice that anyone can give you for choosing a specific career is never to accept someone else’s advice. Indeed, one of the biggest reasons for choosing the career you have chosen should be that no one told you to.
— Ernie J. Zelinski (from Career Success Without a Real Job)

If you’re in a hurry to find happiness, slow down. Give it a chance to catch up
with you.
— Ernie J. Zelinski (from The Lazy Person’s Guide to Happiness)

You Are Already a Millionaire — Your Creativity Makes It So..
— Ernie J. Zelinski (from 101 Really Important Things You Already Know But Keep Forgetting)


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