Back in the Days of Borders

(Entry below was written on September 27, 2005)

A wise older friend once told me that it’s never possible for everything to be going well in your life all at once. Like your job, your family, your love life, your friendships…one of those things is usually off and troublesome. It’s rare that everything just goes smoothly. that really made me sad. I like entertaining the idea that one day I’ll have it all. that I’ll reach the pinnacle of my life and be blissfully happy.

I had a rather strange experience at borders today. I got out of work late around 6:30 and decided to walk to borders near my job. I was starving and wanted to get home to eat but I also wanted to look for this book that I’d been thinking about all day called Breaking the DaVinci Code.

I had no idea what the author’s name was so I typed it into one of the computers there and the results listed the book as being in the religion section. It was written by someone named Bock. I was dying to read something as absorbing as The DaVinci Code and get out of my head for another couple of days.

When I went upstairs to the religion section there were these two blonde girls sitting on the floor. They were surrounded by books and handbags. One of them jumped up as she saw me and said, ‘Sorry we’re taking up the whole aisle here and making it our home!’

I said ‘it’s OK’ and searched for the book. The other girl said ‘This is a really good book’ but I thought they were talking to each other, so I went to the next aisle because I couldn’t find Breaking the DaVinci Code anywhere.

I realized I was in the religion fiction section, so I went back to the aisle where the girls were to search again. As I was trying to get passed them, one of them repeated ‘This is a really good book if you’re looking for one’ and I realized she was talking to me.

She handed me the book and said ‘it will change your life’ as she smiled at me excitedly. The other girl then said ‘She told me the same thing, so I’m going to read it and see.’ I thanked her and told her I was always open to suggestions so I would read it. She said ‘read it!’ again and they walked away and giggled.

The book is called Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller. I think it’s a memoir, like collected stories of this man and how he formed his relationship with God. I held it as I read through a little bit of Breaking the DaVinci Code which sounded a lot like a textbook about the bible and I didn’t get the impression it would absorb me very much, especially at $20.

So I bought the book the girl suggested to me, Blue like Jazz because it was only $13.99. It’s not often some complete stranger comes up to you and presses a book into your hand and tells you with such conviction that it will change your life. I thought it was worth a read, just out of curiosity. You never know if things happen for a reason.

I read the first few pages on the train ride home and it’s pretty good prose so far, so at least it looks promising.


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