My Wicked Night (on Broadway)

(Entry below was written on September 24, 2005)

Before going to Wicked, my coworkers went to this restaurant ‘Carmine’s’ a couple of blocks from the theater. The dinner was included in our ticket price. They brought out like 14 courses of food AND dessert, and it was all really delicious.

Except for the wine, the wine was horrible and sour for some reason. Anyway, it was weird seeing my coworkers outside of work when I hadn’t seen them all week. This was a work event where only employees could go and no guests were allowed, so my boss showed up alone later on.

I walked to the theater with him and two other coworkers but that was all the time we really got to spend together. We didn’t sit at the same table at dinner because they left work around 6pm and I got to the restaurant at like 5:30. When we got there I noticed the show was sold out, the theater is on a weird block where there are no other theaters around. It’s right in the middle of nowhere.

Inside, there’s this big metallic dragon thing above the center of the stage and we wondered if it would come out and fly partially into the audience, like the chandelier does in Phantom of the Opera. but really all it did was growl while fanning its huge wings around, and it’s eyes lit up red as the show began.

The show was so funny overall, which kind of surprised me since I thought it was going to be more dark and dramatic. The music was kind of lacking and not memorable, but still OK. It was entertaining. It’s not like after seeing Chicago or Phantom of the Opera when you can still remember and sing the songs.

I expected this show to be completely amazing and overwhelming after hearing so much hype about it, but I almost felt like it would’ve been fine as just a regular play instead of a musical. It was very funny in parts, and really long. The first half alone was like an hour and a half. It was forever before intermission.

The story was really cute and it had a happy ending which I liked, because I personally identified more with the wicked witch than anyone else. She was an outcast, while Glenda the good witch was perky and popular (the play goes into their earlier years).

There were some big names in the show, like Rue Mclanahan, who played ‘Blanche’ on the golden girls. she was the headmistress of the school and she was excellent. and Ben Vereen played the wizard of oz.

It was nice that the theater wasn’t so big, so it was easy to see all the action. The costumes were great.. like Glenda’s dresses which were so sparkly and pretty. and it was unexpected to see actors dressed up as flying monkeys flying around above the audience.

I never knew that ‘wicked’ was based on a book of the same name. A coworker let me know, since he started reading it. I’m curious to read the book now. It was interesting to see the origins of the cowardly lion, the tin man, and the scarecrow.

Well, it was a nice way to escape myself for a night and forget that I have to go back to work Monday. Though all my coworkers were there. I didn’t get to see my boss after the show because we weren’t sitting near him and I didn’t know where he went after it was over.

I hoped he’d invite some of us out for drinks like he had at the previous theater night, but no such luck. Nothing beats free drinks on a lovely summer night with the cute boss. but whatever, I went straight home.


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