OK Go Show

(Entry below was written on January 25, 2006)

I went to the OK Go show at Maxwells on Monday night and I had such a great time! They are really amazing live. I had never heard much of their music, but I loved it. Maxwells was so packed that it was getting so hot and sweaty being in the crowd, but at least there was some room to move around.

I find it funny that in that place there’s no back stage area, so the band has to come through the crowd to go up and stage and come down off stage at the end of the show. Wow, those guys have some of the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, Damian (the lead singer) and the guy to the left of him, I could only see them since there was this tall guy in front of me blocking half the stage from view.

I realized how much I miss rock shows, and how much fun they are. Especially when they sound perfect and the band has a stylish appeal. I noticed all the guys wore ties on stage and I felt so bad for them, how uncomfortable must it be to sing under hot lights with a tie on while playing a guitar?

My friend said Damian looked like a young Mick Jagger. I guess it was the hair. He came off stage and walked into the crowd still singing at one point because he wanted to get his drink. He had someone order one for him from the crowd. That was pretty unexpected, as was his sweet talking his microphone stand.

I was totally under his spell and felt like I could have watched him sing all night. He’s charismatic and confident and has this sense of ease. I can’t explain it, like someone very warm and approachable. I felt like I wanted to protect him or something since he looks like he’s about 15.

I bought the OK Go CD and listened to it the next day at work. I became completely addicted to the song, The fix is in. they played it at the show and I remember thinking, I love this song, I hope whatever CD I buy, it’s on it!! And I lucked out.

I was so happy. there are a lot of good songs on it, but that one really stood out for me. I like the way his voice sounds on it. I also really love the song, 1000 miles per hour. I came away thinking that their music is really happy music, and has this uplifting quality and energy to it. It was so worth the $19 (ticket) and the $10 (CD).

Damian said he saw some bunnies near his van while they were parked around the block from the club. There’s this street right on the water where you can see Manhattan across the river and that’s where he said he saw some bunnies. I thought maybe he had been hallucinating, but he said being in Hoboken is like having the best of both worlds.


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