Valentiny Observations

(This would have been better posted last month but here it is anyway, originally written on February 15, 2006)

-A blonde girl holding a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag

-An old man getting off the train holding a paper cone of flowers for his valentine

-A girl crying into her cell phone in the ladies room, trying to hide her face

-A mad dash and long lines in a sea of red at the Hallmark store

-A woman arguing on her cell in the bookstore over getting someone a gift, hanging up on him.

-Office people in scandalous scarlet attire

-An email from an old friend insisting that it’s ‘just another day’ and being relieved to be stuck at work until 11pm.

-Massive heart-shaped balloons looming over cubicles

-Street vendors selling white beat-up looking teddy bears

-A pretty young woman on the train dressed up in a black minidress with curled hair, heading for a night out on the town. I sit beside her going the opposite way.

-My phone silent save for my mom and a few caring friends

-My supervisor talking on the phone with a loved one in another language, hanging up on the person and storming out of the office in the middle of the day

-Teenage boy behind the counter at the drugstore asking if he can be my valentine

-Feeling surprisingly light-hearted myself, despite being a lonely heart

-Writing my first real heart-felt poem in years

This holiday does strange things to people.


March 21, 2013. Tags: , . writing.

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