The Black Handbag

On an episode of Project Runway they had this challenge where the designers had to walk around NYC for an hour with a digital camera taking pictures of things that inspire them. They had to do this in order to base their next design on one of the pictures they took.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how totally unexpected and random things can be inspiring sometimes.

Like this morning I saw this old man on my way out of the train station who was holding this black handbag that looked almost like a purse. I can’t explain why and it might sound strange but just seeing this old man and they way he was holding onto this black handbag was inspiring for me.

I happened to change my handbag to a black one as well, and for some reason his image resonated with me. Just for a moment I felt that all was right with the world, and everything would turn out OK no matter what I did, and I felt that I have no reason to fear anything. Maybe I’m losing my mind, but it was a nice feeling. I guess the meditation did it, made me more present than I am most days.

The incident reminds me of this poem:

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

William Carlos Williams


March 24, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.

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