Garbage at Terminal 5

(Entry below was handwritten on 3/24/2013)

I went to the Garbage concert Friday night at Terminal 5, and it was amazing and very fun. It’s always amazing to see Shirley Manson and hear her sing live. Garbage’s music makes sense of my life and makes me feel so good and so happy.

I was at one of the top balconies but in the front, so I had a clear view of the stage. The only drawback was having to stand pretty close to a large speaker which I was sure had shattered my left eardrum at one point. But now it’s Sunday night and my hearing seems to have recovered back to normal.

Shirley sang The One from Not Your Kind of People which I was so pleased to hear. And in the beginning they performed Automatic Systematic Habit and I was pretty much in tears with all the happiness I felt. It’s amazing how healing and comforting music can be. It’s like certain singers, songs, and melodies just hit that one perfect spot inside you that manages to soothe your soul.

Shirley thanked us, her fans, for being part of the “magic of our (the band’s) lives.” I thought how surreal it was that Shirley could put on this amazing show and then be so articulate, lovely, and sincere when she addressed the audience. She doesn’t seem to be part of this earth, but from some better planet somewhere. She is so graceful, intelligent, sweet, charismatic, and powerful. I just wish I could be like her. I wish some of her characteristics would rub off on me.

Getting older has given her this strong self-assurance that anyone can easily see. She inspires me endlessly and I will never get tired of her or their music. It’s a lifesaver, a harbor in the storm, a safe haven, a beacon of hope in a tumultuous world. And I’ve been holding onto it for dear life since I was 16 years old.

It’s strange and amazing how things happen. Garbage came out with their first CD when I was at the height of my teenage angst, when I desperately needed to be understood. I heard their songs and was instantly calmed, because I felt understood. I felt like Shirley crawled into my head to pull out the lyrics I was hearing her sing.

It was synchronicity, it was meant to happen that way. They were meant to come together, and they did so in such an odd way, to bring hope and joy and inspiration to millions of people like me all around the world. What an incredible gift that is, such a beautiful contribution to human life- just so pure, true and honest that it could not be denied.

The impact that Garbage and their music have had on me and my life is unparalleled. And I am simply so pleased that they exist as a band, and that I have the incredible privilege to listen to their music, and go see them play live.

In a lot of ways, I’m still that lost and confused little girl, looking up to and admiring Shirley Manson and wanting to be like her, longing to unleash my own power.


Picture from Terminal 5 show courtesy of


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