Life or Something

(Entry below was written on February 12, 2006 )

I slept most of the day away yesterday. I was bored and kind of depressed. Since I slept so much I was wide awake at 2am after a failed attempt at writing. When I’m really sad I can’t write anything at all. I have to start out at least thinking that I have something somewhat valuable and interesting to say.

I didn’t feel like I did, and I couldn’t get in a comfortable writing position at all. It got so my own writing was actually putting me to sleep, so I decided to watch television and happened on the movie Life or something like it, which had just come on at 2am. It was a movie I had been curious about, so I stayed up until 4am and watched it.

It’s weird to see Angelina Jolie in a comedic role. It looks like it was somewhat awkward for her and I never really felt her fear in any way. In case you didn’t know, the movie a sort of romantic comedy about her character who is a reporter, interviewing a homeless man who claims to be psychic. He tells he that she is going to die in a week, and after his other predictions about sports scores and weather come through, she starts to get scared.

When she sits on her bed in tears saying “I’m gonna die” it was just so unconvincing to me, totally forced. Her cameraman (and ex lover) says she has lived a meaningless life seeking the approval of others, and that’s the only time where I felt that the movie was successful in trying to put across its message. It summed up the whole point.

Angelina’s reporter character never seemed real , or like a workaholic who never had fun like she was supposed to be in the beginning. She had a full life: friends, a great apartment, a fiance, a hot career she loved. I didn’t really see what the problem was.

I felt like I would have died a happy girl if I had all the things she did. Though I felt kind of bad when she asked her fiance what would make them last forever and he mentioned her ‘great ass’ and that she was ‘kind of funny.’

There was a complete lack of spirituality in the movie which also bothered me. Because if I knew I had a week to live, I’d definitely be spending a couple of days in church, confessing and praying to absolve my sins. That’s not very Hollywood though.

There were certain scenes with her family that felt really off as well, except some conversations with her ‘perfect’ older sister that I really identified with. But still and all, she had her own full life and I was kind of let down that there were not more insights about living in the moment and living your dreams.

I thought it was going to be more powerfully put across. It seems she gave up her life-long dream of journalism for love, and I guess that was hard to buy, being acted by this actress in particular. Don’t waste your time on this one if you ever consider watching it.

Anyway, the snow is still coming down outside, and it’s all really pretty and calm, so maybe now I can finally get to writing. Why can’t it just snow every day, day in and day out, so I could stay inside, warm and secluded forever?


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