Only Kindness Matters

I have some really weird and varied interests, random things I just like reading about. These are things like: voluntary simplicity, thrift store bargains, journalling, stuff people find while dumpster diving, random acts of kindness.

There are certain things like this that I can never get enough information about. I really like the idea of random acts of kindness and often read sites that have lists of suggestions you can try. Kindness and unselfishness are really refreshing personal traits when you encounter them.

I often try to compliment people that I never speak to if I happen to like something they’re wearing. One day I remember holding the door open as I was heading into a busy bookstore. Instead of pushing past this woman on her way out, I stood back and let her pass and held the door. Smiling, I said “go ahead.” and the look of surprise, relief, and gratitude on her face is something I will never forget.

I remember I had an English teacher in high school who used to call his students’ parents to tell them what a good student their child was. The parents would be scared at first to be getting a call, but he ended up making they’re day. I always thought that was cool of him to do. I like doing thoughtful things because it makes me feel really good to do something unexpected.


April 2, 2013. Tags: , . writing.

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