Outlaw on a Poem Walk

I recently started re-reading Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life With Words, by Susan Wooldridge

Whether or not you write poetry, this book will inspire you to jot down your own insights and impressions of life. Its content and exercises are stirring, and you can’t help but see life differently. After only reading about 20 pages, I filled about ten pages in my journal. I can’t believe how well this author helps poets reach back into their experiences, emotions and deepest selves.

There are short, interesting, entertaining narratives about the author’s life in each chapter. The poetry exercises are listed informally at the end of every other chapter or so, in a section titled “Practice.” They are all fun and seem limitless for breathing life into your poetry or helping create more poems.

Wooldridge writes so passionately, you get the sense that she breathes and lives poetry. She seemed to have a lot of fun writing this book. Every poet can learn something here. It makes you alert and aware of everyday surroundings and their unexpected beauty.

Wooldridge is well versed in the study of poetry and its presence in both simple and complicated things. Her writing is refreshing, as well as reflective. I am not finished reading all of it yet, but I had to recommend this book because it can awaken any reader’s outlook and perspective on their craft.

(Title of this post is the title of Chapter 1 in the book)


April 2, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . writing.


  1. neenslewy replied:

    I love some of the things you post. I have just checked on Amazon. I thought it was written for the American Market, some of the reviews are great, you may have inspired me to buy it!
    I should have purchased it before posting here, there will be a rush on!

  2. ksocorro replied:

    Thank you! And thanks for commenting. You should definitely pick it up, it’s a real gem 🙂

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