1,000 Cranes and Audioslave

(Entry below was written a few years ago, I forgot the exact date)

Last night I participated in this origami project started by someone at my job. They asked for employee participation in their plan to make 1,000 cranes out of origami paper and give them as a gift to the pediatric unit at a hospital affiliated with the company.

I thought it was such a sweet idea. I made some tonight at home in between laundry loads. There is symbolic significance to the 1,000 cranes that I’ll post from the email that was sent out to the whole company:

“Why 1,000 cranes? Legend holds that the crane lives for a thousand years. In Japanese, Chinese and Korean tradition, cranes stand for peace and long life. Folded paper cranes are also given to those who are ill to wish them a quick recovery. It is also said that 1,000 origami cranes makes a wish come true. ”

The cranes are hard to create at first, but I got the hang of it. Thinking and caring about others is nice for a change. Speaking of which, check out this page (the link is up to date) and read up on their cause/mission. I love to go there to buy reusable shopping bags and accessories.


On another note, I got a chance to listen to the new Audioslave CD at work today, Out of Exile. It has some pretty good songs on it. The ones that come to mind are Yesterday or tomorrow, Doesn’t remind me, Be yourself, The Curse and #1 zero.

It’s actually the only Audioslave CD I’ve heard in its entirety, but my favorite song of theirs will always be Like a stone. I love the way you can hear the pure longing in his voice. It’s powerful, intensely emotional, and really beautiful to listen to.


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