You said Let’s go and Nothing More

(Entry below was written on August 31, 2005)

So my friend sends me an email today saying that he thought he’d let me know that Blondie would be playing tonight at a free, unannounced show at Washington Square Park. Immediately, I freaked out and got excited and all hyped to go.

When I get there, I see this major crowd in front of the stage with practically no room in between people to squeeze in and get a spot. With the humidity today, being in that crowd meant there would be barely any breathing room, which didn’t seem very appealing.

My friend knew someone who got him a VIP pass, so he was off to the side of the stage where he had a perfect view. I went up to the barricades where he was and he said he would give me a pass. I tried to use it but the scary woman at the gate told me it wasn’t valid and that I had to go around to the front desk. My friend said to try it so I did.

I really didn’t think it would work but I thought, what the hell. When I got to the desk I had the ‘pass’ around my neck but they still stopped  me. My friend told me to say I was with ‘Little Steven’ who was sponsoring the event.

They wanted to know where I work, but I just said ‘forget it’ and that I didn’t want to miss the show. I had to go all the way around the arch to get back to the stage area. There was no way in the world I had the confidence to pull off something like that.

I went into the crowd and got a decent spot. I checked the time and it was 6:20 pm. I misunderstood my friend and I thought he said Blondie would go on at 7pm. So I thought great, I’ll be standing around alone in this crowd in the humidity for 40 minutes. I didn’t think I could do it, knowing how impatient I am.

I felt a bit self-conscious too with my professional work clothes, when every around me was in tank tops and shorts. I got back out of the crowd and called my friend and said I thought I would just skip it since I’d be hanging around waiting alone for so long, and he said, ‘Oh I gotta go, they’re about to start!’ and I said, ‘What??’

And sure enough, Blondie gets introduced and everyone rushes the stage to stand even tighter together. Damn. There I was in my good spot where I should have stayed, but since other bands were playing before them and it had been loud, I couldn’t hear my friend clearly on the phone and I thought he said Blondie would go on at 7pm. So I missed a free live show of one of my favorite bands of all time.

I caught a little glimpse of Debbie Harry from really far away. It looked like she was wearing a long, blonde ponytail hair extension and a visor. Everyone was freaking out and dancing. There are a lot of young Blondie fans out there. Debbie and the band sounded really great.

I could still hear her singing as I walked down towards St. Marks to catch the train. That was $4 in metrocards down the drain. But anyway, at least I tried. I only got to hear X-offender, One way or another, and Hanging on the telephone.

I called my friend around 7pm and he said it was a pretty short set. So maybe I didn’t miss much. The show was a benefit concert to save CBGB’s. The lease for the club is up tonight.

You said… let’s go and nothing more” is a lyric from X-offender


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