Cafe Free Write Part 2

(Entry below is second part of an entry that was handwritten on 3/10/2013 at a cafe )

There are two ladies sitting near me conversing, while on the radio, “Walk like an Egyptian” is playing. And it makes me wish I had a friend in this town to invite for coffee and a little conversation on a Sunday afternoon. But since there is no one, since I can’t connect with people, it’s me and the journal.

At least the page never leaves, I never have to fear the rejection or misunderstanding of the journal. It is always welcoming, receptive, and willing to listen to and contain all my thoughts. It’s probably better than any lover, at least I like to tell myself that, and definitely better than any flaky friend.

Sometimes I think I should move somewhere far away by myself, maybe someplace like France, where women of all ages are still pursued and considered beautiful, elegant, and chic.

Sure, maybe it would be really awkward and uncomfortable at first, but human beings are very adaptable and I’m sure my survival instinct would kick in and I’d find my way to a job and a place to live.

Maybe I would work in a coffee shop like the main character in the movie, “Amelie.” And I could focus my life on writing, observing people, and doing anonymous kind acts for strangers.

I’m getting a bit tired of listening to love songs on the cafe radio so it may be time to leave soon. Maybe I can continue to write at home on the kitchen table, that is, if there are no small children yelling and screaming- the noise echoing loudly in the hallway.


April 13, 2013. Uncategorized.

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