Darkly Beautiful and Intense

This is a short review of the movie The Crow, based on the comic book of the same name.

This movie is unlike any I’ve ever seen because of its subject matter and the fact that the main character’s real life is strikingly similar to the plot. Brandon Lee was killed accidentally on the set of this film, leaving behind a fiance and robbing the world of an incomparable talent.

Brandon’s tragic beauty is evident in every facial expression and physical movement in this film. He succeeds in bringing the audience right into the depths of Eric Draven’s heart and makes us experience all the despair that he is feeling. It’s hard to imagine this is a made-up character after watching Lee’s incredibly haunting performance.

Lee, character, Eric Draven, is a man who is murdered and comes back to earth as an undead being. The crow is his link between the land of the living and the realm of the dead, as one line in the movie explains. The crow helps Eric and leads him to the men who violentally murdered him and his fiance, so he can exact a horrible revenge on all of them. The screenplay is intense, poetic, powerful, and leaves a lasting impression, both visually and mentally.

The story carries you through feelings of disgust, sympathy, anger, confusion and a consuming desire for justice. This movie affected me deeply because I realized the momentous and senseless loss that is Brandon Lee’s death.  I also bought the soundtrack which fits the movie’s themes perfectly, and carries the story along very effectively.

The story’s message stays with you and relentlessly forces you to think, or in some cases, to learn how to deal with tragedy. The movie ends on a kind of melancholy, but hopeful note that will make you wonder. And maybe believe in the existence of angels and eternal love.



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  1. shanesbookblog replied:

    Love the review!

    The Crow is probably in my top 5 favorite movie’s of all time list.

    I watched it after a tragic event took place in my life, and it did teach me a thing or two about tragedy and grief..and I agree, losing Brandon lee like that was terrible, could you imagine the awesome movies that would of been made if he were still alive? Roles he would of played in feature films instead of other people who did a terrible job at it?

    It is Crazy to think about =/

  2. ksocorro replied:

    It’s definitely one of my all time favorite movies too, it’s always great to rewatch. And yes, Brandon Lee would have been an absolute star after this role and would have done so many more great things. It’s really sad. He was a true talent, and had a real gift.

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