Lost and Misspelled

(Entry below was written on September 17, 2005)

I went to a copy editing class the other night in Soho and it was a bit disheartening for me. The woman teaching it gave us a spelling test consisting of the 30 most often misspelled words that usually appear on copy tests. I got I think 17 out of 30 right, which is pretty pitiful since I used to think I was a pretty good speller.

While she was reading out the words, I thought about how I used to look in the back of my day planners in high school for lists of commonly misspelled words because I would use them as poetry prompts. I would take one word each day and write a poem either starting with that word or including that word somewhere. Those were the days…

My friends invited me to see a movie last night at Lincoln center, which was a bitch to find. I know I’ve been to Lincoln center before but it was so long ago that I think it was actually on a school trip. And I didn’t remember where the hell it was.

I went first into this building called ‘The Jazz Center’ or something because it said Lincoln center on the outside. It was on 60th and Broadway. I realized I couldn’t be in the right place since there were no movie theaters anywhere, so I went to an information desk.

I asked the woman there where movies were shown and she asked if I knew the name of the theater, I didn’t. She mentioned that there is Lincoln center on 64th street, and I said, “Oh, I thought this was it since it says it outside on the building.”

And she said, “No, the jazz center was part of Lincoln center but it changed location and kept the name.” How confusing! Anyway, she handed me a map and circled the name of the theater I was looking for (after looking up the movie title online) and told me to walk up to 65th and turn right.

Turns out that ‘right’ was the wrong direction. I walked all the way down 65th after turning right and didn’t see anything. I ran into central park west instead. I was getting tired of walking at this point since I had gotten out of the train at 59th street and these are long city blocks.

I turned and walked back in the other direction all the way down and got directions one more time from a parking lot attendant. Thank god he was more helpful and I finally found the damn place.

I had forgotten what a nice place Lincoln center is. There is this little area if you walk across an overpass that overlooks this huge fountain containing art sculptures. There are benches all around the rectangular fountain.

I didn’t actually go down to it but I stood over it looking down and it was a really serene, quiet, still place. The water did not move. Especially as the day started to darken to night, it was so peaceful and calm and I told myself I should really go back one day. But I know I probably won’t. I told myself the same thing about this place where I met once with a writing group, but I never went back.


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