Escape from Corporate Hell

Below is a review of the movie Office Space, that I wrote a few years ago.

Office Space is a movie that will have anyone laughing if they have worked in a cubicle at some point in life. I always thought it was unnatural for human beings to be confined to cubicles all day, so after a friend recommended it, I decided to see this movie on cable.

Cubicle work is enough to drive someone crazy and after watching Office Space, I go the impression that had Peter (the main character) not gone to a hypnotherapist, he would have turned into Ed Norton’s character in Fight Club. Both characters try desperately to find meaning in the stifling monotony of the day-to-day work world.

The movie centers on Peter, an employee for some no name company who does some no name work and gets little reward for it by the looks of his apartment. Tired of the endless butt kissing and monotone, grating boss, Peter seeks help to cope with his unfortunate job and gets more than he expected.

You can’t help but smile when you see him take a casual, cavalier approach to situations and people who had stressed him out before. And the best part is that there are no dire consequences for him. Peter’s complete honesty and human reactions to the insanity that is work are refreshing and funny.

Peter learns that he will receive a promotion at the expense of his two coworker friends, Samir and Michael Bolton. He lets them in on the secret downsizing and devises a revenge plan that consists of stealing small fractions of money from the company by transferring it to a secret account. The plan sounds far-fetched and the humor around it becomes a bit strained. The ending is very predictable and disappointing.

The ending’s all well for Peter, but everyone else still has to go about their lives and you feel pity for them for being unable to free themselves. The look at office life is depressing but dead on, and it may get you thinking about your own escape plan. Peter makes many observations throughout the movie that are so true and well articulated, you’ll be rooting for him all the way through.

Jennifer Aniston, the love interest, has very little to do and it seems that any other adequate actress would have done a similar (if not better) job.

The soundtrack is also a good addition to the comedy. I am not a fan of rap but it was a good contrast and great background for some of the video-like sequences in the movie.


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