The World Outside is Chaotic

My mother is the type of person who will receive an item of jewelry as a gift, not like it, but still wear it on the next occasion when she will see the gift giver- just to make them happy and let them see she is using the jewelry.

My sister is the same way. When we went on our family cruise a few years ago, she used an uncomfortable beach bag as her carry on for the plane. This was because one of my aunts gave it to her and she wanted my aunt to see her using it.

I just can’t get this type of thinking. Why put on something that is uncomfortable or cumbersome, just to please somebody else? I doubt other people take you into consideration when they get dressed.

And it’s the same thing with gift items for the home. Most of the time these are safe to get rid of. My mother and some aunts have given me way more than I need for my apartment and decorative needs. I have used the stuff I liked and that was useful in my space. But I got rid of the stuff that felt cluttery and not at all with the aesthetic I was going for.

And most of the time no one notices. My mother especially will forget what she has given me, whether it be clothes or jewelry or other knick knacks and stuff, which is good because I’m safe to get rid of it or give it away without ever hurting her feelings.

My apartment is mine, and should only house those things that I love or find useful. There’s no need for excess. Actually, clutter and excess is really stifling. When it comes to my home, I definitely feel that less is more. Less chaos means a quieter, more peaceful space. The world outside is chaotic enough without adding more noise to your own private sanctuary.

I feel like mostly bare walls can make a room feel bigger. And they let your eyes rest. There shouldn’t be an item of decoration in every single corner, otherwise, there are too many things calling on your attention all the time. And that can become draining very fast.

I like the idea in the book, The Joy of Less, of committing to throwing away one thing every day for a year. If you are only deciding on one thing, it’s not overwhelming and feels more doable. And you can lighten your amount of things very effectively this way over time.

So that’s what I’m trying to do. I know I don’t need half the things I own. But just keep them for whatever reason. Time for a good spring clear out!


April 20, 2013. Tags: , , , . writing.


  1. jumeirajames replied:

    I suspect your mother pretends not to notice that you’ve thrown out some of the stuff she gave you, she seems like that kind of considerate person.

    • ksocorro replied:

      You know, maybe you’re right!

      • jumeirajames replied:

        I know I’m right. You’ll be just like her one day.

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