Family Discoveries

(Entry below was hand written on 8/13/2012)

The past Saturday my mom had a garage sale. It was hot and sunny and she brought out box after box of old things that were just taking up space in the attic, going unused. She ended up selling lots of handbags and kid’s toys and other knick knacks and plates. I offered to help her because I love being involved in any process that involves clearing out of old things.

My mom pulled out a box of our old barbies to give to my cousin’s daughter who was also there. Out of that box came two cards that almost went unnoticed until my aunt fished them out. They were my grandmother’s green card and her social security card. This is the grandmother on my mother’s side.

She looked so young in the green card picture, younger than in any other photo I have seen of her. It stuck me how I could almost see all my cousins and aunts in her face. Somehow, she resembles them all. It was amazing. I learned (from the back of the card) and my aunt’s explanation of it, that my grandmother came to America in 1968 and she came in through Miami. I love learning little facts about my family history like that.

I had an odd dream the other night in which I was in school and assigned to pick a favorite shape and write an essay about what made that shape my favorite. I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder this assignment, it was due the next day. So I settled on writing about the teardrop shape.

I thought about how many earrings I bought (plain and embellished) that have this shape and I ended up writing something like ‘I like the teardrop shape because it is a shape that is pregnant with emotion.” I wish I wrote more about the dream when I woke up since I hardly remember it now, but it was pretty amusing.


April 25, 2013. writing.

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