Life Lessons and Friendship

(Entry below was written on July 22, 2005 )

Thank god for those true and wonderful people out there if you’re lucky enough to have them as your friends. Some people are so nice it’s really astonishing. Even when you are mean and bitchy to them, somehow they are never fazed. They make life so much easier to handle, they make work better and help you not to take yourself so seriously.

Sometimes it takes a while to really see the value of these people because you have to get past your initial judgments and assumptions. And then you feel so grateful once something happens to make you see their real character and unselfishness. These people are so generous by nature, it takes you by surprise and causes the wrong kind of people to take advantage of their kindness.

I have a true friend like this in my life, and I wish I had more. He changed me from being suspicious and hostile towards guys by being able to just be a friend and wish the best for me, and wish me happiness. No ulterior motives. That’s rare and really cool. I feel so bad for the way I treated him before getting to know him and I’ve already apologized. Of course he said there was nothing to apologize for. What a good person with a genuine heart. I admire people who have patience because I have none.

I guess it takes so long being on your own with no friends to realize the value and significance of a real friendship like this. It’s great when you can connect with someone on some level, and they can make you laugh and encourage you and make you feel better and not so alone. Because of that, I am more willing to give people a chance because they might surprise me. I’m trying not to assume the worst like I used to.

In an attempt to meet new people and stimulate my mind with new ideas, I went to a writer’s group tonight near my job. It was mostly middle-aged people who wrote pieces about their children, but nonetheless, the writing was excellent and the people obviously had talent and their own unique voices. If anything, I found a new spot to write which is really quiet and serene and open to the public. Maybe I’ll take advantage of it.

I took a bus home and I was the only one on it (close to 10:30pm). There were no passengers to pick up alone the way. I didn’t want to walk home and see everyone else out having fun when i had no plans made. I didn’t want to feel left out. I live in quite the party town. When I got up to get off at my stop the bus driver said ‘Have a good night’ and I said ‘thanks, you too.’ Then he said, ‘It’s gonna be lonely without you’ with a quick laugh. I smiled sympathetically.

I probably would’ve sat and chatted with him a while. He was not at all creepy and I had nothing else to do. Anyway, I think everyone you meet in life has something to teach you. And most people are just looking for a true friend.


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