Happiness for Unhappy People

This is a review I wrote back in 2002, of the third Garbage album, Beautifulgarbage

Shirley Manson once said she was thrilled after she read a review saying that Garbage’s music created happiness for unhappy people. That is the perfect way to describe it. I bought this CD on the first day it came out because I love this band, they have been my favorite band since their self titled debut, and I still can’t get enough. I grab every b-side as soon as they come out too.

Garbage’s release, Beautifulgarbage, follows the grand Garbage tradition of perfect music, flowing vocals and guitars, dreamy tones and inspired lyrics. This band doesn’t know how to disappoint. All fans who love Garbage and Shirley Manson will have no problem embracing their new musical direction and adorable quirkyness.

Breakdown of the tracks:

Shut your Mouth– This is a great song, lots of in-your-face attitude which is always Shirley’s forte. Garbage fans will be giddy with anticipation. It rocks!

Androgyny– I don’t know why but I love this song. Shirley just sounds divine and I am totally taken in. I know this song is supposed to resemble R&B but I really don’t hear it. I can’t swallow any kind of R&B, but this song is delicious.

Can’t Cry These Tears– Another great one! I find this song very uplifting in a weird way. Shirley sounds empowered when she sings about letting her pain go and just letting things be. It inspires me to stop obsessing. It sounds like she had a lot of fun recording this track.

Til the Day I Die– This song could definitely be a single, you can’t help but move and sing along when you hear it. It has very catchy beats and you’re left wanting more when it’s done. Another very fun song.

Cup of Coffee– Heartbreaking, but still cathartic and moving song about loss. Every time I hear it, I hear something new. It’s very dense and layered, and Shirley sounds beautiful. Lovely song.

Silence is Golden– I’ve heard a bunch of different interpretations of the lyrics of this song, and that’s the beauty of it. It means whatever it means to you. This is a heavy song that is infused with meaning once the words hit you. You feel the anger, the pain, the frustration. It hits you like a truck.

Cherry Lips, Go Baby Go!- I love this song! Ok, so a lot of people say it sounds like early Madonna and I have to admit, it shocked me on the first listen but it really is a fabulous song. The chorus is indescribable, it’s just full of beautiful sound. Fun to sing along to and just a light, breezy song. Great contrast coming after Silence is Golden.

Breaking up the Girl– Great swinging song. It’s sweet ear candy with a driving chorus. A typical Garbage song that’s rough and still sweet. Nothing wrong with this track, it has something for everyone.

Drive You Home– Very soft ballad that’s kind of sad, but still good. You can’t argue with this woman’s voice. It grabs you and doesn’t let go. This song is a little short but still nice, the chorus is quite dreamy and strange. I love it. It’s not as well put together as some of their past ballads, but it’s still a good listen.

Parade– There’s usually one Garbage song on each CD that I just don’t care for much, and this is it here. Nothing works for me. You’ll see what I mean.

Nobody Loves You– This is the best song on the CD! I am amazed and hypnotized by this song: the lyrics, the melody, the vocals, everything. It is a work of art. It’s a slow song and Shirley voice starts very deep, but then she lets it all out and we have a stirring chorus and wonderful backing music. It’s so hard to explain but you will love it, trust me.

Untouchable- This song is so cute! I think it’s just fun and meant to be funny and lightweight, then again, there’s a power to it. Kind of poppy but in a good way. You actually get the message, instead of a bunch of fluff. Addictive, great song.

So like a Rose– An OK song, pretty sleepy melody. Shirley sounds sweet but the lyrics are a little off for me. I just don’t get it. It’s ok.

In Conclusion:
This band is a force to be reckoned with. And I wish they would just win a Grammy already. They are the brilliance of the music business. No other band or singer can even come close to Shirley Manson and her boys.



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