Present Prompt

(Entry below was hand written on 4/30/2013)

Prompt: Write about a time you gave someone a present.

My response:

When I was in high school, I made a leather bracelet for a good friend of mine, his name was Ben. He was always asking me out but we were friends and he wasn’t too pushy about it. He wore that bracelet until it was falling apart. He loved it and never took it off, not even to shower, he said.

So it was in pretty bad shape after a while. He didn’t care. That’s why it surprised me- what happened years later when I looked him up and found him on MySpace. I sent him a message. I think I said how amazing it was that he had a family, two little kids. He wrote me back and asked me to remind him of who I am.

He didn’t remember me. I was hurt and didn’t respond back to him. It hurt me because I considered him to be an important part of my high school experience. He was one of my very few friends, but I was forgettable to him.

And I didn’t feel I had to remind a good friend (or so I thought) of my existence. This is part of why I don’t join social networks online anymore. No one to look up from my past who’s worth getting back in touch with.


May 4, 2013. Tags: , . writing.

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