The Things I Saved

(Entry below was hand written on 4/30/2013)

Prompt: Write about the things you saved.

My response:

I’ve saved so many things, probably too many. I saved a small, white, plush bunny that I bought in Eagle’s Mere, Pennsylvania when we went on vacation there. I bought it because it reminded me of a bunny I saw out the window the first night we were there having dinner. It was March, and the bunny was there all of a sudden, frolicking outside in the snow. I also saved our photos and put them in albums- from our trips to Cabo San Lucas.

I saved the poems I wrote that you had framed for me because they were published. I saved as many movie ticket stubs as I could, from movies we went to together. I saved post cards from the many art shows we attended. I saved all the poems you ever wrote for me and every card you ever gave me.

I saved the poster-sized drawing you did of my face, using a black and white picture you took of me for inspiration. On the bottom of the sketch/drawing you wrote ‘My Miracle’ and gave it to me as a gift on one of our anniversaries.

I saved paintings you made and the art journal I started at your house that we both contributed entries into. I saved every note you sent me that came with flowers that you sent. I saved every piece of jewelry you gave me- even a green beaded bracelet that broke, and every other gift from you.

The dana rebecca designs diamond necklace you gave me is a piece of jewelry that I never take off. I consider it to be like a wedding ring, and I always wear it just in case we never get there.

I saved the memories of our love in a box, even though I know those memories are always with me. I saved them anyway. I love the way they remind me of how I once lived a dream within this reality. And reality paled in comparison to it.


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