A Loaded Question

(Entry below was handwritten on 4/30/2013, except for the last 2 paragraphs which I added today)

I decided to continue writing at the library, so I’m here on the second floor (in the art and music room) because it’s usually the quietest. And today it’s especially quiet. It’s only me here and one elderly man on a computer. It’s just right for writing.

The librarian asked me as I was sitting down, “Do you need help?” I thought, wow, what a loaded question that is for me at this point in my life. Yes, I need help in every single aspect of my life. I need career help, love help, life purpose help, spiritual help, self-image and confidence help. But I just said “No, thank you” and sat down to spread out my journal and my copy of A Writer’s Book of Days.

I just had the thought that I’d love to be back at the Glossbrenner’s spare cottage in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to compose today’s writings. I’d love to be sitting at that wooden desk in their spare bedroom, working by myself in the silence, like I never got to do while there last year for my birthday.

I’d love to be in Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner’s shoes one day. Together they have written over 60 books and when I spoke to Emily, she said their books are like their children since they never had any. One of their books is the most entertaining I have read in a while, About the Author. I found it in the bookshelf of the cottage they rented to us during that time last summer.

The blurb on the front of About the Author reads: The passionate reader’s guide to the authors you love, including things you never knew, juicy bits you’ll want to know, and hundreds of ideas for what to read next.


May 10, 2013. Tags: , , . writing.

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