Why I love Garbage

(Entry below was written on Apr 10, 2000)

Garbage is a unique band whose music grabs at your core and doesn’t let go until it has put you through the ringer. Shirley Manson provides vocals that are smoky, deep, moody and beautiful. Her voice reflects the inner anguish she feels. She gives a voice to that little outsider in each of us.

When I was 16 years old, I bought this cd to complement my depressing life. The music gave me strength to cope because it felt like Shirley was feeling the same things I was feeling. Her voice is genuine, sincere, and demanding of attention. It’s still satisfying to listen to her frustration and wrath when I’m in that sort of mood.

This CD helped me through my adolescence because it gave me reason to believe I was not alone, that someone out there could relate. This band’s music helps me live my life.

Buy the Garbage CD! and buy their follow-up, Version 2.0 while you’re at it! They are one of the few bands out there with actual musical, creative talent who don’t get enough attention by the media. Their songs are interesting, moving works of art that are worth many listens.


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